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What Makes a Space Special

Do you ever wonder, “What is it that makes a space special?”

The first thing that comes to our minds as architects is how well adapted the building is to the needs and wants of its users. Understanding and expecting user needs and the skill of knowing how people move within a distinct space and figuring out their requirements throughout the planning is a major part of Architecture design. Whether in a public space or our living room, you need as much flexibility as possible, and this is one of the things, we as space designers can help with. So that your space can meet your current and future needs.

An area designer will raise queries such as how will aged folks rest while waiting for the bus? Wouldn’t this little girl be able to sit easily at a lower table in her house? Wouldn’t customers at a restaurant stay longer if there was added light on this terrace?


So, how else do we decide if a public space is great? Good question, since it might seem pretty subjective—one person might feel put off from the same place that another feels a deep attachment to. 

When it comes to public spaces they’re required to offer four qualities: they should be accessible,  comfortable, people should be able to engage in an array of activities, and, they should also be sociable.

With these characteristics in mind, the possibilities are endless what type of public space can be successful, whether it’s a street, playground, restaurant, market, etc.

While being a place to meet, or a place of local or national pride, great public spaces can also be categorized by the presence of people remaining when they have no pressing reason to stay. This can also be called the ‘lingering factor’.

Successful public spaces are also well-managed: this includes cleaning, offering food or services, or scheduling events, and may also serve as the heart of a community, often connecting two or more separate neighborhoods. They also encourage a central point where people can interact and take part in the public realm. 

Another important but sometimes overlooked element of great public spaces is their ability to highlight a region’s cultural identity – whether through local practices, location, history, design, architecture, or art. This is a crucial factor for creating a sense of place that can withstand the test of time.

Some local examples of great public spaces are:

The Badshahi Mosque, a public space of immense historical, cultural, and religious value.

Mall 1, Gulberg, has become a central hub for all the new cafes and restaurants. You’ll surely find the food you love and the ambiance you’re comfortable in, white it’s also a great socializing spot!

Packages Mall, perfect to spend a Sunday doing some light shopping. An even better place to try quirky snacks (dragon ball cheese puffs dipped in nitrogen, I’m looking at you). Priority parking for women and a comfortable atmosphere to hang out make it an excellent spot to take your friends and family.

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