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Top Interior Design Trends of 2021

According to designer Lance Thomas, the upside of 2020 is that it has forced homeowners to spend time and evaluate how they live in their homes and how it makes them feel. What most people have learnt is that ultimate comfort is essential and must never be overlooked.

Laid back living

With all this quality time at home, layouts are becoming increasingly informal and rich, deep colors are back in style.

People have been gravitating towards fabrics that feel good and touchable textiles like velvet, mohair instead of glitzy ones. Especially as pillows and upholstery, shiny fabrics give the connotation of a dressier room that lacks comfort. Nobody is as excited about it these days.

“Organic has replaced glam” and neutral tones with softer, rounder furniture are more in style.

Multifunctional spaces

Homes are becoming multifunctional spaces allowing our whole life to take place within them. Jannet McCulley (designer) talks about having an office chair that’s both comfortable for long days of work and aesthetically pleasing enough to double as a dining chair.

Having a “flexible adaptable space” is becoming increasingly important and screens with rich fabrics, mirrors, and textured metals have been helping with achieving that. Cleverly designed and placed, a screen can create levels of privacy without closing off space completely.

Blending inside and out

Biophilic design, connecting interior to nature is necessary, especially in recent times. More use of glass in interiors, sliding doors, and access to natural light are now more in focus. That is, with the aim of removing the distinction between interior and exterior.

Well designed outdoor spaces

People are now looking to maximize their outdoor spaces with designated areas for dining, working, lounging, and entertaining.

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