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Top 5 Black Interior Myths – Busted

Whenever the concept of interior designing comes into view, we usually associate bright, light monochromatic shades succeeded with wooden finishes and very rarely does the mind think ‘black’. And mostly because we’ve known black to be an eerie and spooky colour, as promoted in many horror movies. But, in fact it was a norm in the past as people adhered to the darkness of their homes as natural due to the absence of artificial lights as described by historian Daniel Roche, the interior preferences changed during the 18th century as gas and electric lighting were introduced and the focus of dwellers shifted from dark suffocating rooms to well-ventilated brighter rooms that facilitated air circulation.

Fast forward to the 21st century black interiors have been gaining a lot of praise lately as designer Abigail Ahern argues that “dark rooms are more cozy and intriguing.” It’s exactly why we have picked the top 5 myths surrounding black interiors to illustrate the brighter side of it!

  1. The room appears smaller and depressing

No matter how ‘bright’ your white paint is, a 10 by 15 room will realistically be the same size even after you paint it. Choosing from a palette of pastels or white can only create the illusion of a more open room. A lot of us are also of view that painting the ceilings in white makes the attic appear higher, well actually having the walls and ceiling painted the same colour makes the room visually indivisible thus the appearance of a higher attic.

It’s simple physics and the same would be true for a black on black too. Colour psychology explains how every colour impacts our brain differently and black is a representation of power, elegance and sophistication not just mourning! Certain design techniques like adding mirrors that reflect light around the room paired with attractive light features in gold or copper finish can set the vibe for an anti-depressing mood.

2. Dark colours make it difficult to see or work

Recent trends for an all-black kitchen are although proving otherwise but it’s no simple task to turn a simplistic design into something extraordinary. Contrasting to a popular notion, dark walls accentuate colours more effectively than a white background. A black-themed kitchen would just be the right fit for all your beautiful blue pottery sets and colourful kitchen tools.

A black refrigerator between the shelves will blend in harmoniously with the theme. For evening lights; suspended lamps in neon shades (not for the faint-hearted) above your work table will add a pleasant contrast to your dark kitchen.

3. The features of your home will be lost

If you admire black then why shun it due to scarcity of space. Designers have inculcated a new way to prove otherwise – painting your furniture. Every room has a personality of its own but stuffing it with colours isn’t a solution, especially when it comes to a black themed room, keeping to 3 colours at max will save the room from looking too distracted.

A dining/drawing room’s colour scheme can be synchronized with the walls by painting the larger furniture pieces with wall paint like bookshelves, crockery cabinets or upholstering the dining chairs and sofa sets in black, incorporated with vibrant gold foil cushions and metallic fixtures will increase visibility of colour as well as space.

4. A dark home will never look high end

Black is the colour of the brave and it’s also why many homeowners are incorporating this bold colour on the exterior walls of their home and the terrace. With the recent uptrend in terrace gardens, owners are on the lookout to keep upgrading their properties to make them look exquisite. Black is known to accentuate other colours but here the formula reverses as booming plants potted in planters of various shapes and styles enhances the black architecture merging modernity with sophistication making it an ideal choice for terrace upgrades.

5. Dark interiors make the dust and grime more visible

Being partially true, one might be reluctant to use black for bathrooms. Black wall paint might not be workable within bathroom spaces, therefore, adding it in the form of a gorgeous black marble countertop or a glossy black brick feature on the backsplash wall can add drama to your décor without being difficult to clean. However, for the shelves and storage space, satin or glossy lacquered finish would be long-lasting.

Bathroom designing can be tricky so avoid going overboard with experimentation. Features like an all-white sink and tub with chrome finished accessories paired with your dark theme are a combo you’re sure to never go wrong with.

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