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Tips to Tie Together Your Kitchen

Have you ever come across a kitchen that just doesn’t inspire you to cook? There’s no denying that there’s nothing better than a fresh homecooked meal. Having the perfect space to start your day and let your creativity flow in the culinary world is of the utmost importance. Here are some tips we’ve gathered to make the best of your kitchen when designing it. 

Create a flow

When designing your kitchen, give extra attention to the flow of things. Is the cutlery drawer near the crockery cabinet? Are your oven mitts easily in reach of the oven? Is everything at arm’s length and perfectly accessible? Make sure everything is easily within reach to create ease and avoid unnecessary hassle.

Keep yourself safe

When dealing with cabinets and drawers, sharp edges can pose a safety threat. Ensuring that your cabinets and pantry doors open away from yourself and your face is important to avoid any potential injuries. Another point is to make sure that no two doors open in each other’s direction to avoid banging.

Conceal trash 

Let’s be honest, no one likes the sight of trash or a garbage bin. Instead, try to conceal your trash bin in a drawer or a sliding panel for ease and a better aesthetic. 

Leave space around your appliances

Have you got cookies fresh out of the oven? You can’t afford to carry a hot and heavy pan for so long. Make sure to plan extra space around your oven, coffee machine, microwave, toaster, and other home appliances to deal with your dishes and creations and to most importantly, increase comfort.

Light colors work well in smaller spaces

If dealing with a smaller kitchen, using soft and light shades will open up space more and avoid shrinking the space as dark color schemes would. Fit in some large windows as well to let in as much natural light as possible. 

Find the center of attention

A bold hue of green, a fridge in the shape of a car, or even an old-timey vintage oven. Having an attention-grabbing piece in your kitchen is sure to add a bold statement to unify your kitchen further. 

Now that you’ve got these tricks up your sleeve, you’ll begin to notice how seamlessly put together any kitchen can be with just a few tweaks.

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