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Tips on Keeping Your House Warm in Winters

With winters around the corner, keeping warm, comfortable, and completely at home are what we’re all hoping for. Here we’ve compiled a list of necessary steps to create your ideal version of comfort living.

Hang heavy, durable window curtains

Switch out the light-colored soft fabrics with heavier drapes. This keeps the warm air in and the breeze out.

Use throw rugs in rooms

In rooms with hard surface floors, the rugs and throw blankets help with insulation and potentially also reduce drafts between floor boards while simultaneously adding new textures to your space.

Open curtains during the day

Opening up the blinds and curtains during the day helps bring the house temperature up since the house is the most effective natural heater

Change the ceiling fan’s direction

Turning on the fan when it’s cold? Sounds like a bad idea right? During the winters, reverse your fans rotation to push the cool air upward and mix with the rising heat mixed air will then spread downward making the room feel warmer.

Shrink wrap windows

Insulating windows and shrink wrapping them helps insulate the house and keep it warm for a cheaper price.

Leave faucets running on extremely cold days

To help prevent pipes from freezing in extremely low temperatures, leave taps open to encourage water flow and melt away any frozen spots.

Cover kitchens hood when not in use

These small areas can act as a passageway for cold air to get inside. Covering those spaces makes a big difference in the overall house temperature.

Stay warm!

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