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The Fundamentals of Scandinavian Interior Design

Chances are you’ve come across the classic minimalist combined with functionality and beauty at least once in your life considering how widespread Scandinavian design really is. Let’s dive into the elements that make up this simple, clean, and sophisticated look that is this Nordic minimalism.

Less Is More 

With an overall clean atmosphere, while creating a melange of practicality and beauty, the Scandinavian approach has always been about eliminating redundant objects and being completely free of clutter generally only showcasing the most essential of elements. This not only creates more space to breathe and better airflow but an open space to move around without unnecessary objects hindering your path is usually an overlooked point. Now the next time you’re in your home, it’s worth considering if you really need those extra armchairs or that too large coffee table taking up way more space than it should. 

The Fundamentals of Scandinavian Interior Design

Calm Colour Palette 

When have you ever walked into a Scandi Style room and seen bursts of colours? You probably haven’t and the reason behind it is that Scandinavians are drawn towards more minimalist, neutral, muted, and light hues in their homes or spaces. Incorporating more monochromatic looks using warm whites, tans, and shades of black really adds to the less is more principle. 

The Fundamentals of Scandinavian Interior Design

Keep it Natural

In the Scandinavian style, natural materials are of high value. You’ll come across foliage galore with even the colour palette complementing earthy tones such as clay pink or sage green. You’ll also see plenty of objects crafted by wood or corkwood even typically in lighter shades like beige. Natural woods also tend to blend excellently with the colour palette mentioned above which really aids in tying a room together. Natural light is another element that is used to its fullest.

Functionality Is Our Friend

When considering minimalism in a Scandi, household, multifunctional furniture pieces are ideal and serve well. Scandinavian homes are generally smaller than you’d expect, so not only do double functional pieces work well but they’re a necessity. An ottoman that doubles as a storage bin or a table that expands truly serve a greater purpose and are so compact, you wouldn’t know the secret in it if you saw it.

The Fundamentals of Scandinavian Interior Design

Ecofriendliness Is Key

Keeping it clean and green is a big focus in a Scandinavian home. Houses or other spaces are designed meticulously using an ecological approach and techniques while considering what natural materials can be used. Sustainability and minimalism really do go hand in hand. Better to be rid of what you don’t really use or need and help the planet in the process ๐Ÿ™‚

The above principles are truly a given in the true Scandi style. With a lifestyle that seems more freeing and devoid of clutter, giving it a try seems highly worth it.

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