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Signs That Your House Needs A Paint Job

After years and years of putting up with rain, winds, and intense sunlight, it’s likely that your exterior paint will start to fade.

If the exterior looks faded and there is nothing to make your house ‘pop’ against its surroundings, a fresh coat of paint usually will do the trick. It can make the home look fresh, allowing the value of the home to increase. Plus, it also acts as a barrier, protecting your house against the weather!


Fading is much more than just an aesthetic issue—it’s often the first sign that the paint is no longer providing the protection your home needs.

If you notice the color is looking a bit dull or flat, it’s a good time to consider a fresh paint job. Not only will you give your home a facelift, but you’ll also be keeping it better protected from the elements. Sun bleaching is also very common, and darker tones fade faster than pale ones.


One of the first signs that declare the need to repaint your house’s exterior is the flaking or bubbling paint. These signs mean the weather and natural elements have taken a toll on the exterior paint of your home. It also means that the material is no longer protected and can lead to mold or dry rot.


Mold is sometimes a surface stain that you can remove by pressure washing or wiping off. Sometimes, though, these moisture stains can be signs of deeper damage. If you’re unable to remove it, it’s better to have a professional take a look. Mostly, the stains just require being painted over, however, you might need to replace the material if there is more substantial damage. 


Strong sunlight, harsh winters, extreme humidity, storms, blowing sand, and ocean breezes can contribute to the same kind of damage as well. In Pakistan, we see a variety of weather patterns that can contribute to your paint flaking or cracking.


Caulk is designed to seal a joint between both surfaces to keep them intact and protect them from damage. Cracking caulk occurs over time, as the caulk loses its elasticity, which means it’s no longer doing its job. If you notice wear and tear in this, your paint needs to be refreshed.

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