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Selecting Artwork for your Home

When choosing what artwork will adorn your walls, you want to select meticulously. What colours, textures, and shapes reflect the space you are in? In this article, we’ve gathered a few pieces that will complement the vibe and mood of the various rooms in your home.

The Kitchen 

The space in which you begin your day, you’d want to energize yourself. Perhaps something linked with food like a charming painting of a lemon with a beautiful shade of yellow. A nice pop of colour, something whimsical perhaps is definitely sure to wake you up and keep you refreshed throughout the day whilst lifting your spirits for the hardworking day ahead. 

Artwork for your Home

Xu Fei: Ink Dance Chinese Paintings

The Living Room

When it comes to the living room, choosing something reflective of your personality is bound to create an eye-catching effect. To simplify, “Express yourself” as Madonna would say. Showcase your favourite pieces in the main room of the house with playful and unexpected colours and elements. Maybe even display a painting of your beloved pet as seen below by the talented Ben Lenovitz. For more texture, check out Anastasia Trusavo for incredible layers of thick paint with a rich and fresh colour palette.

Artwork for your Home

Anastasia Trusova

Artwork for your Home

Ben Lenovitz

The Bedroom 

With a space associated with the words ‘comfort’ and ‘serene’, the artwork in your bedroom should also stay true to them with their colours and styles. Hues that are more on the lighter side of the scale keep the calm energy in your room along with more of a minimalistic approach. For your kids’ bedroom, I would recommend adding in some animal artwork and bright colors for a more imaginative environment.

 Lina Zareckaitė 

Artwork for your Home

Insta: @titsayy


For our workspaces, I would recommend pieces that inflate your creative energy and bring out your inner boss. Artwork that relates to your work as well will really inspire and motivate you. Perhaps a nice shot of a role model or someone you look up to. At the end of the day, I really suggest looking inside and searching for what it is that gives rise to your inner go-getter beast to remind you of what you’re capable of.

inner go getter beast to remind

Muhammad Ali

Artwork for your Home

Dalit Marem


A room often neglected, the bathroom is definitely a place you’d want to dress up because why not? Artwork in the bathroom depends more on the theme and the colors. Displaying something that boosts your confidence whilst getting ready in the morning is another method of using decor to your advantage, or perhaps stray from the lines and add something completely unexpected

Artwork for your Home-Artwork for your Home

Insta: @agathesinger

Now that you’ve read through our tips on displaying wall artwork, don’t underestimate the power of art and help your home reach its full potential with the right piece in the right room.   

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