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As the name suggests, high streets are mostly designed to prioritize pedestrians over cars, and Q-High Street was designed to create an engaging, lively, and
enjoyable shopping experience for visitors. With more than one million covered area the architecture of Q-High Street is the fusion of contemporary and neoclassical design with eye-catching and inviting storefronts.

Fusion of Contemporary and Neoclassical Design

What made Q-Links bring the very first luxury shopping street in Pine Avenue Lahore was to encourage people to spend time on the street and create a sense of
community, primarily.

An arc of spectacular crescents with a beautiful butterfly in between is fitted to bring a festive vibe and Q-High Street an experience to cherish. Functional, attractive, and well-designed fairy lights are added to highlight architectural features or create a sense of drama with a consistent style and branding throughout the street.

Perfect Blend of Luxury, Growth, and Lifestyle

Every corner of this 110 ft wide modern street is dedicatedly designed by the Hiline architect team with the perfect blend of luxury, growth, and lifestyle you deserve. Mixed-use buildings, ample car parking, spacious units, indoor and outdoor cafes, and public spaces are thoughtfully conceived to create a vibrant and attractive urban environment that draws people in and encourages them to explore, shop, and socialize.

Q-High Street
Creatively Designed with Quality Details
Never Seen Before – Is Now in the City
To Brings You an Urban Vibe

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Q-High Street is all set to be the most lively area of the city with a mix of people café hopping and shopping throughout the day and evening, and a welcoming atmosphere.