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Orchard mall is one of the great projects designed by Hiline. It has given equal devotion to both architecture design and its interior design. It is designed in such a way that 150,000 square feet should be ideally utilized with more than 100 shop spaces. All floors are very beautifully designed keeping in view the easy movements like escalators and lifts while maintaining the beauty of the mall as well. If you are willing to launch a brand or want to shift its location, this mall is ideal for all kinds of brands. We have designed good space for every type of brand. Keeping in view the importance of food brands at the mall, this mall had very handsome spaces for restaurants and cafes as well.

This mall is also designed in a way to assure your security as well because we understand the importance of safety and we always believe that safety comes first. Position for CCTV cameras is ideally designed along with a fire fighting system. A big parking lot is also designed so everyone can park their vehicles carefree without any issue. This mall is designed with all the luxurious and basic amenities that one can imagine. We try our best to make this mall design perfect for everyone, whether they are customers, shop owners, or office owners. As we had discussed earlier, this mall is designed for everyone so we had designed a good space for events and shows. A play area is also available so kids can also have a great experience visiting the mall.