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Real estate growth value, brand development, facility safety and security, developer track record and income guarantees up to 10% for 10 years.

  • Largest supermarket in Bahria Town.
  • Major anchor stores on each level.
  • 250,000 square feet, with more than 200 shop spaces.
  • Huge public spaces for shows and events.
  • Food court, creative play and recreation areas for all ages.
  • Bahria food street, and roof-top skybar with Eiffel Tower viewpoint.
  • Ample parking.

Jasmine Grand Mall is another one of the mightiest malls designed by Hiline. This is one of our best works. This is designed as one of the largest malls in the specific area. Jasmine grand mall is designed keeping in view the aspect to provide the maximum facilities to the customers and as well the investors. This exterior view of this mall is very unique to attract visitors. All floors are also very beautifully interiorly designed. 250,000 square feet area is ideally utilized with the space of more than 200 shops. Ample parking is also designed for all, so everyone can park their vehicles happily. 

In this mall, we have also designed huge spaces for shows and events. So anyone interested in any type of event can easily utilize our mall. We understand the fact that many people enjoy meals during shoppings, or many people prioritize malls for business meals, so we had designed spaces for food courts as well so everyone can enjoy their meals no matter for what reason they are in our mall. We do not forget kids and have designed beautiful play areas for the kids as well so they can equally enjoy in our mall just like elders.  We had also considered the easy movements for everyone in the mall so we have designed escalators and lifts on all floors. Our design has covered all possible aspects that can lead to a perfect experience one can ever have by visiting the mall and for the shop owners as well.