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Perfecting the powder room

What we know today as the powder room was a ‘wig powdering room’ devoted to women. And back in the 1700s wigs were considered a fashion statement and an important element in maintaining one’s social standing, therefore a specific room was designed to cater to a woman’s need to maintain their wigs which was a mandatory part of a women’s attire. The initial powder room was constructed on the ground floor either inside a closet or under the stairway in a small space. And it wasn’t until after the second world war when having a single bathroom became compulsory for every household and ‘powdering your nose’ become a euphemism to discreetly excuse oneself.

Later, as the wigs went out of fashion and internal plumbing was possible the room acquired the features of a half bath with the basic lavatory necessities that were reserved only for the guests. Powder rooms are more beauty-based than functionality based and also because most power rooms lack windows, therefore, décor becomes the most important factor when upgrading its features.

  • Illuminate the powder room

A room that has little or no natural light is due to die of boredom unless fixed with stunning modern light fixtures to decorate this jewel box. Mirrors are a great way to play up your powder room.  Most mirrors are oval or rectangular. Because this room will also be used for makeup touch-ups, hence the mirror can be set up with twinning light scones on either side (with an option between up lights and downlights and eco-friendly bulbs) to make it the focal point of the room or an LED strip around the mirror for a chicer look, a feature that will surely impress the guests.

  • Cheer up your walls!

Curiosity might have not killed the cat but bleached walls are sure to kill the ambience of your ‘power room’. People are often under the belief that a small room should be painted white to make it appear larger and more open. The truth is that you can use colour in a small bath to add architectural interest and to showcase its various characteristics.

Due to its nature of functionality, the plumbing requirements are minimal in a powder room, so why not use all that wall space for décor too. Designers suggest adding a large-scale pattern wallpaper to spruce up smaller spaces. Not a fan of wallpaper! You may opt for a mosaic tile or a stone wall as the backdrop to your vanity wall. Getting a stone wall feature can be a little pricy but not if you limit it to the smallest wall in your room making it a hot topic with the guests.

  • Sinks and faucets

Pedestal sinks are a good option for those who prefer a traditional and vintage look for their bath paired with a turn-off valve placed on either side of the faucet. The space surrounding the rim should have enough space to hold a soap bar and a sanitizer bottle poured into an attractive marble soap dispenser. For a more modern look, the crystal glass vessel with a matching faucet available in an array of colours and style will be the perfect fit. You may also opt for the touch-less faucet installed equipped with infrared sensors that detect hand movement and not only help conserve water but limit the spread of germs as well.

  • Flooring

Since a powder room avoids the regular drama of installing an exhaust vent and watching out for splashes. You are free to take all your decorating risks, from choosing the darkest floor tiles to a pleasant wooden flooring, that again allows you to play with a multitude of colours and patterns that harmonize with your décor. When opting for wooden flooring experts suggest using exterior grade plywood due to it’s high level of resistance to moisture and humidity. But if you still enjoy the classic white flooring, laying a rug contrasting your traditional white colour scheme will add instant zest to your powder room floor.

 Even those on a budget tend to specify more luxurious materials as there is limited space to brighten up and glamorize. And why not? Having a plush powder room is not just going to scale the real estate value of your home, but in case you’re planning to host some guests by renting the lower portion, it’ll fetch you good rental income too. Another great benefit that comes with powder rooms is that it allows more privacy to your bedrooms and other personal spaces in the house where you wouldn’t like the guests to wander around especially use your bathroom.

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