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Maximalism – A Guide

A trend that we don’t see leaving for a while and for all the right reasons: Maximalism!  

Those with an eye for bold prints, eccentric colour choices, and avant-grande decor can hop on the train to maximalism. A playful approach to interior design, here are some pointers we’ve gathered into the “more is more” lifestyle. 

Colour! Colour! Colour!

Not too surprisingly, colour is what adds life into a room and is the first step in my book. What kind of colour palette are you fond of? Experiment with unlikely hues while keeping it balanced and not too harsh on the eyes. Incorporate prints as well, from zebra to polka dots, explore from a wide range.

Keep it unpredictable

Stray from the likely path when designing. Explore spaces you wouldn’t regularly consider sprucing up. Think about floral wallpaper on your ceiling or a neon pink cheetah print door frame. Even when it comes to storage, perhaps store your books in the wall next to your stairs, carved into a bookshelf. 

Maximalism - A Guide

Stir in the artwork. 

Add depth into your space. Handpick your favourite pieces that speak to you and embellish your walls. Personalize it further by including family heirlooms or maybe even just your children’s handprint turkey crafts in order to bring another dimension and level into your space whilst crafting it to your comfort level.

Be bold everywhere 

Your living room and your bedroom aren’t the only places where the word maximalism fits in. Consider your foyer, kitchen, or even bathroom. A fun zebra wallpaper surprise in there is sure to create a lasting impression.

Stay true to yourself 

Last but not least, your space is a reflection of yourself. Do you connect with the 70s themed living room or your flamingo wall mural? The comfort level in an environment is a number one priority therefore, it is key to ensure everything is cohesive and there exists a balance in your space and your personality.

Being inventive and a more millennial attraction, it’s safe to say this experimental and over-the-top route isn’t for everyone. However, it is certainly a sure-fire way to increase your creativity level and inspire the life in you and around you.

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