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Layout advise for your kitchen and living room

A layout of a home or otherwise known as a floor plan is an agglomerate of many room elements and their placements, including fixtures, furniture etc. The basic purpose of a layout is to make the most out of your space, and the strategy varies for every room based on its occupier and functionality needs. The layouts in Pakistani homes have been evolving over the years with landscaping features and technology-operated smart houses becoming a priority and therefore an integral part of the dweller’s lifestyle too.

Designers are masters of their art and at Hiline our team of experts ensures that we bring you a layout that is befitting for that dream home you always wanted.

Kitchen Layout

  • Prioritizing your kitchen – A few years back a kitchen was the busiest yet least prioritized room situated somewhere at the corner of a house. A dump for dirty dishes after messy family meals. But today it’s more than a creativity nook for mom’s innovative ‘pizza paratha’, it’s more of an ambiance and also a career platform for YouTubers around the world. With so much going on, a cluttered kitchen is the last thing you’d want.

    For an innovative and smart solution, having shelves with organizers is becoming the talk of the town, as smaller houses of 5 marlas have also adopted the trend. Based on what utensils or cooking pots you use the most, more space needs to be allotted at the left and right sides of your cooking range. Having everything at hand saves your energy and provides more functionality too.
  • Vertical storage – Another popular layout feature for storing away your spices and pantry items whilst the end of the storage space can be used for extra cutlery or crockery items reserved only for the guests. For larger families, a double sink with a mobile faucet can be a lifesaver along with built-in space for larger appliances to allow space in your kitchen. Smaller appliances like toasters or coffee makers can be allotted a designated space near a plug point for easy access.
  • Segregate the trash – Exposed trash bins can make the kitchen look untidy, therefore keeping the knives and trash near the sink to throw away fruit and veggie waste as soon as you cut or peel it, instead of wandering around the kitchen. This is a tip not to be missed.

Living Room layout

Be it a renovation or you needing more space, whatever your motive is behind the layout it’s essential to understand that it matches your style of living; not in terms of having a modern or contemporary style but one that serves its purpose for you.

  1. Choosing an open plan or a living room only layout – Based on your answer to the above question you may opt for an open plan that overlaps the kitchen, drawing and dining space to provide more freedom for family interactions. The single room approach can be applied can be useful when wanting to seclude the younger generation and their PSP consoles to the living room, so the elderly can sip their tea in silence; away from all the drama. Although there is a majority that prefers combining the two by adding sliding doors to create a partition that can be opened up when needed.
  • A layout that revolves around the focal point of the room – Whether it’s your window, fireplace or TV that is the center of attention for your room. It’s frequency of usage will be the second most important factor of your layout. In case, it’s your couch consider adding planters and rugs for extra comfort, especially if the room is void of technology to serve as a perfect spot for having a family gala.

    And to further highlight that focal point look for openings that allow natural light – illuminates the entire room whilst adding the illusion of space. This would serve as a great tip for rooms that are meant for relaxation and not binge-watching Netflix.
  • Moving space – Another fundamental factor that is often overlooked whilst setting the layout – to have ample moving space, to avoid feeling congested in your own home. Plus, it affects the functionality of the room especially when the guests are seated, or if the room acts as a passage to the exit of the house or connects to another room.

    The dimension of the room, windows and entrance are the basics when getting a layout designed, be sure to discuss your needs and wants with your interior expert before finalizing and proceeding. Since you can relocate the furniture but not the light fixtures you got installed over the couch.

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