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Lahore: The World’s Largest City by 2050?

A few years ago, experts thought Lahore would be a megacity (having a 10 mil population) by 2025.. but guess what? It’s already at 11 + million and if it keeps growing at this rate, it will have a population of 42.46 million by 2050!

Over the past 19 years, Lahore has experienced a growth rate of 4.14% which is almost double the national average of Pakistan. The city that was once built within 13 gates now has an ever-expanding boundary.

Also known as the ‘urban sprawl’ which also means an unplanned urban development that takes place on agricultural lands, there are various causes of it. The major ones being better employment opportunities and superior health and education services which causes to move to bigger cities.

The highways, expressways, and the ring road also act as a major catalyst for growth, and especially with the more recent infrastructure investments, Lahore is also considered the ‘most modern city’ which has lured many to move here.

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