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How to select an architecture firm to design your home?

Are you lucky enough to build your own home from the ground up, exactly as you’ve dreamed? If so, find our tips on selecting an architecture firm to work with to make your vision a reality!

1) Select a firm that has a similar taste to yours. You want your vision to be understood, you want to look at your home and feel at home when you’re there! Don’t be afraid to speak up and discuss your taste.

2) Find a firm that knows their proportions, and knows them well! All too often we see bulky “Spanish” style elevations that don’t fit within the allotted plot size and look chunky and off! We suggest you go for an elevation style that fits your plot size. We can always adjust a style to fit, but we never force it.

3) A form that follows function design will make your life so much easier. This means we design your home according to your needs- no cookie-cutter approach here. Do you love entertaining? We will take that into account. Do you like spending most of your time in nature? We suggest an outdoor living room. Are you a homebody who works from home? Your office will be so you can conduct all your business as cohesively as possible. 

4) Find someone familiar with at least the basics of feng shui- even if it’s not up to your alley. Feng shui is the harmonization of energy. If you are lucky enough to build your home yourself, we highly recommend incorporating the basics of feng shui to ensure the proper flow of energy. 

5) Stick to the same firm for architecture and interior design to maximize the design elements. When teams work together they have a vision in mind- by choosing the same firm, you’ll know they are giving you the most beautiful and practical design for your space.

6) The most important thing to do when building a home is to plan for the long term and to ensure the home serves you and you are not serving your house. This means efficient planning where you don’t have to spend unnecessary hours cleaning, pruning, and upkeeping your home.


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