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How to Jazz up Your Nursery

Try a light palette. Muted yellows, grays, blues, pinks, and even mint can create a soothing environment. Bright colors can be overstimulating. If you’d like to incorporate primary colors, try using pillows and props.

Layering rugs is a great way to add texture but make sure they are hypoallergenic!

 No nursery is complete without a rocking chair and reading corner! 

To conserve space, try a multi-use dresser that can also be used as a changing space.

Avoid overhead hangings such as chandeliers – they can be bad feng shui for your little one. Should you want to incorporate a chandelier, take a cue from Ivanka Trump’s nursery and add one that’s below head level.

Jazz up Your Nursery

The ceiling is where you can play around- try an unexpected paint color or a pretty wallpaper to add just the right amount of oomph. 

For a feature wall, you can try murals, wallpaper, wall decals, or even wall stickers! For an even more personalized touch, you can DIY your own design.

Floating shelves are both practical and serve as a décor element to display photos and other memorabilia. 

To make sure spills don’t spoil furniture you can opt for spill-proof upholstery or even outdoor fabric. 

And last but not least, blackout curtains are going to ensure your baby gets the well-needed sleep he/she deserves. 

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