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How to incorporate a feature wall

Feature walls are great for adding a designer flair to an otherwise classic room. This is really where you get to let your imagination run wild. Check out some of our favourite ways below:

1)    Murals: A mural is a great way to let your creative side shine. Basically, your wall can be anything you want it to be! Florals, abstract art, and space-themed murals are the most popular but feel free to give it a twist! Are you not so good with a paintbrush? Stencils are your best friend. Sketch out your design beforehand and arrange stencils/ masking tape to get cleaner edges. 

2)    Wallpaper: This is a great way to change up your wall every season because it’s so much easier to remove and redo than paint. We do recommend coordinating with the theme of the room so it looks put together. We love the little pops of yellow in the one below! 

3)    Shelving: Do you own multiple trophies, awards, and accolades? Why not put them to display in a chic way and let that wall be a testament to your success? Or, if you enjoy collecting items such as perfume, makeup, action figures, dolls, anything really, put them to display and let your personality shine through! 

4)    Paneling: This is for all the elegant minimalists. Adding paneling shows you don’t have a laissez-faire attitude to design, it’s just you prefer to keep it classy. While you can never go wrong with classic white, paneling also allows color to shine through beautifully. We love this pop of pink! 

5)    Texture: Not for the faint of heart, the texture is a great way to incorporate some pizzaz into a room! Find our favourite picks below:

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