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How to create a home office?

It was during the Corona pandemic, in which the world experienced a shift in work culture. From working in an office setting to working from home, or as architect David Hart puts it “ a somewhat unfashionable interior feature”. According to the Wall Street Journal, some individuals have also gone to the extent of spending an enormous 6 figure to design their home offices. Historically, home offices also existed back in the 19th and early 20th centuries whether it be the Wright Brothers or Bill Gates. All these geniuses that pioneered the works of technology did it all from a corner of their at-home workshop constituting only a desk.

A lot of full-time work-from-home employees, as well as freelancers, don’t have a dedicated workspace where they could work in silence. For some, a couch, laptop, and a bag of nachos sort out their workplace setting. Well, there are a few tips you can take heed of and create a cozy yet professional work environment.

1.    Get a desk! Coffee tables, or other similar tables that are too low or too high and can make you uncomfortable when working for long hours. Chose a broader desk if you’re likely to do a lot of paperwork and make sure to give yourself ample space to do that. Or maybe consider a smaller desk if you’ll only be utilizing your laptop for work, and try to align it closer to the window, so you can benefit from the natural light and fresh air when you need it.

2.    Make a list of office supplies you would require, and an organizing rack to keep everything in place. Imagine looking for a pen whilst struggling to keep a newly popped idea afloat before it vanishes back into the realm of the frontal cortex. And we can’t afford to lose that idea again.

3.    Adjustable lamps for extra visibility, the font size of certain reading materials can make reading a very tiring task. If reading or researching is part of your job then make sure you have a well-lit space.

4.    Miss spinning on your office chair, well, we recommend you get it back! Studies suggest that long hours of sitting can cause stress or maybe damage to your back if using the wrong posture. Having a chair with easy movement, an adjustable back and seat will add a bonus to your workspace.

5.    Get creative! A workspace doesn’t have to be dull and hectic. So, give your eyes a cheer with a beautiful collage of family photos, adventure hikes, or college festivals you participated in.  Motivating quotes or phrases will help give you a nudge when you’re lost or dishearted. Don’t forget to place those green succulents on or around your workspace to give your eyes a break.

6.    It’s needless to say that home offices should include ‘entertaining sections’ to offload stress and refuel before getting back to work. And by no means it says the TV set. As a home office can be practically set up in any part of the home it’s better to consider keeping it as less distracted as possible. Consider adding a few dumbbells, an exercise mat or a book corner stacked with your favourite fiction.

7.    Get geared up, with video conferencing becoming the need of the time. It’s vital to have the latest video and audio gadgets at your disposal. Create a designated space for these essentials with the wires neatly tied away, to work with ease without needing to rearrange their placement before every meeting.

8.    Deadlines, agendas and targets might make you burn out faster. The simple trick is to keep yourself hydrated, having a personalized flask with your favourite hydrating, healthy liquid and a fruit basket will keep you from burning out.

9.    History has it that majority of workspaces in the early era belonged to ‘men only’ but as the world dynamics is changing so is a woman’s role in her household. Being a mom of a toddler isn’t easy especially for those working from home. Therefore, adding a children’s work area with books, puzzles and colours will keep them distracted away quietly whilst you work your time away.

  Home offices are your perfect gateway to pursuing your career without the need for commuting to work daily. The ultimate office setting, however, remains with Google, headquartered in Mountain View, California. And ever since Google opened its doors to outsiders, showing them the inside of the massive 12 acres. Since then it has become a tourist attraction and successfully proves how boys and girls like Jack can have lots of fun at work and earn a good income without becoming dull.

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