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6 Tips On Creating A Cozy Bedroom

Cocoon the bed

Since the bed is the main focus, covering or enveloping it in fabric, color, or texture you love will help make it look more inviting and cozy.

You could get a four-poster bed, get a new headboard made, or just drape a piece of fabric over it.

Add carefully contemplated lighting

Dim lights give the room a cozier appearance and having them on before bed also helps sleep better. For specific areas, add task lighting, like a bedside lamp, etc, and avoid the bright flat flood of light that comes with a ceiling bulb.

Add a lounge chair

If there’s space for a cozy, lounge chair, add one. Find a fit and fabric you’d want to sink into, the cozier the better. It can be your spot to read, have coffee, or for inviting a friend to sit in. Add a small table next to it too if possible.

Layer cushions

Cushions and throws instantly make the room look so much more comfortable and inviting. Add a bit of those to the mix and see how the room comes to life. It’s also a great and easy way of adding a personalized touch to your space.

The right curtain fabric

Curtains play a huge role in the feel of a bedroom since they do take up a considerable amount of space on the wall. So when choosing a fabric, keep in mind that it should be something you would want to touch, and should provide the effect you want in your room eg. if you want the room to be dark when they’re drawn, make sure the curtain fabric is heavy and has a weight to it.

Add a deep pile rug

Having a soft rug to step on when you get off your bed adds to the comfort and coziness and creates a nice balance between a fully carpeted and a hardwood floor. If there isn’t enough space, add a small one near the lounge chair or the wardrobe area where you move around the most.

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