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Crafting your haven

We all know there’s no place like home. After a long stressful day at work, only the warmth and comfort of your safe haven at home can thoroughly relax you. Take a look at our 6 key factors to inspire your home to craft your very own serene safe space. 

Lighting is Key

Who wants harsh headache-inducing tube lights you would find in a lab running through their living room? Instead, opt for lighting more on the yellow spectrum to create warmth in your space. Use lamps to highlight preferred areas and tie together your room. Don’t forget the importance of natural light, because there’s no better lighting than the light of nature which boosts our vitamin D and has proven to raise moods.

Don’t underestimate the power of scent 

Research suggests that when surrounded by our favorite scents, our outlook becomes more optimistic and enhances creativity. Another tip is to keep it seasonal. For fall, honey apple crisp is a great choice. Maybe you have a scent that evokes your beloved memories. Using candles, diffusers, or even baking some cinnamon rolls will definitely bring the homey essence to your home. 

Keep it light 

When seeking comfort, the last thing you’d want to do is flood yourself with dark colors. Keep it light, fresh, and simple with neutral hues. Whites, beiges, and pastels are the ultimate go-to color palettes to explore for a calm and tranquil atmosphere. 

Incorporate nature

Is everything looking okay but you still feel like there’s something missing? Now you want to add nature to the mix. Add some greenery in there and decorate it with some beautiful plants. You can always find plants that aren’t high maintenance and also bring the nature aspect like succulents or cacti. Natural wood is also a great way to bring the outside, inside. Go for a beautiful oak wood coffee table to really bring the place together. For a nice pop of color, flowers are the way to go. Some beautiful pink peonies would really bring the little extra something you’re looking for.


By now, you’ve got it all down. You have the cream-colored walls and the large windows for your natural light but there’s really something you’re hoping to bring the cozy factor to your home. Texture! Play around with it. Add rugs or better yet, layer rugs. It’s creative, fun, and adds warmth. Don’t forget pillows too. A nice throw for your couch in a beige would be great for those Sunday naps. 

Don’t forget to personalize 

Last but most certainly not least, personality! You’ve got a perfect home now but it still feels like it doesn’t say ‘You’. Mix in your very own personal touches, Paintings that are dear to your heart, or sculptures that speak to you. Maybe even some family heirlooms to bring history to your home. 

We can all attest to the fact that not just any house is a home. Fortunately, with the above tips and tricks, you can finally say “I’m home” to wherever you are.

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