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Clever Ideas For Your Home Office

As more and more people continue to shift to working from home, a recent study reported that 65% of the respondents said they were actually more productive working remotely than from a traditional office space.

Here are some tips that we gathered for building the perfect home office and increasing your productivity.

Choose a workplace according to your needs

Before choosing a room or a corner in the house, think of how it’s going to be used. Will you be doing conference calls? Will you need a storage space? Do you need to keep the kids and pets away? Think about this and choose a space accordingly.

Separating workspace from relaxing space

Putting a screen to separate the area or choosing a corner in your room house will help you remain focused and hopefully not want to take a break every five minutes.

Find a comfortable chair

Find the right fit, back, thigh and arm support that allows you to work long hours. It should be comfortable, but not too comfortable, which is also something you’d like to keep in mind.

Create a brainstorming area

Making a small personalized space for brainstorming helps adds more personality to your home office and keep your goals in focus.

Add some greenery/ plants to the space

Plants add a dash of colour while also increasing happiness and help reducing stress. Get yourself a little companion for the workspace (you might want to check our previous blog post out) and you won’t regret it.

Lighting is important

Preferably, natural sunlight should work best but if not, arrange lamps and lights in a way that they provide you with enough task lighting to reduce eye- strain.

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