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Bedroom Design Ideas for Summer

Designing is an art, especially when it comes to bedrooms. Why? Bedrooms represent everything from our emotional hideout to our creative hub spot, to becoming our ultimate unwinding zone where we reconnect with ourselves. And since bedrooms hold a very sentimental value in every household, it is essential to have them designed in an aesthetically pleasing yet fun-filled way.

Changing weather can pose a challenge sometimes, especially in Pakistani summers where temperatures soar to 50 degrees Celsius. With the exception of a  few months of rain pouring down the sky, the sun is pretty much on-duty all year around. The Renaissance of the interior design and architectural industry in Pakistan has brought our long-lost cultural heritage to life.

Here are a few tips and tricks identified by experts from over the years that can help get your bedroom all prepped up for summers:

Space and more space

What feels worse than summer heat? Being in a small room. With the passage of time as more people have started settling in urban areas this has led to scarcity of space. But, what if you could make your bedroom visually spacious by adding in a few things. For instance, adding a full-size mirror will not only make the bedroom look spacious; as mirrors tend to reflect more light, but it will also serve as a great accent piece.

If constructing your own house you may want to consider adding high ceilings and roshandan windows (a skylight incorporated in a ventilation window elevated on the wall) as it provides a beautiful mix between comfort and heritage.

Adios to the dark colors

We all love royal blues, maroons, and blacks, but you wouldn’t want to make this your ideal choice for the summers. As the darker colors tend to consume more heat, increasing the room temperature rapidly, which also means more workload on your cooling appliances. Whether it’s wall paint, curtains, or fabric for your sofa, couch or deewan, preference should be given to the lighter, brighter, and pastel shades.

Choosing pastels doesn’t necessarily mean boring, you can play around with a range of lighter materials from lace or net bordered fabric for your curtains, paired with roman blinds. A combination that will help you block out the heat during peak hours whilst allowing natural light during the cooler hours. Choosing wall wide curtains that entail to the floor will leave your bedroom looking accentuated and elongated.  For the sofa fabric, consider more breathable materials like cotton, polyester etc. It’s cost-efficient and versatile due to its capacity to retain color and patterns.

The fabric design, however, can be anything from floral, checked, striped, or abstract. Upholstering your single sofa seat with newspaper fabric can add a chic and modern look to your bedroom design. In case, you are looking for a desi touch considering pairing subtle shades like beige, white, and cream for your sofa fabric with vibrant digitally printed cushions illustrating cultural slogans and artwork.


Replace the flooring with tiles as they stay cooler and help add more space to the room. Lighter-weight traditional loomed rugs are also a good option in summers with a plethora of colors and patterns to choose from. They instantly brighten up the bedroom ambiance whilst adding personality to the décor.

Be a Minimalist

Choose dressers with sliding mirrors that reveal the storage space at the back, saving you tons of space to breathe on a hot summer’s day. Unnecessary furniture regardless of how stunning it is would only make the room look cluttered. Sofa cum beds and convertible tables for work and dining are also a good combo for smaller bedrooms. Tall furniture items like floor lamps, standing lights, or a bookcase at the corner can add more definition to your bedroom.


Use modern and sophisticated room separators that elegantly partition large spaces to allow for privacy without completely hiding out either side. Bedside plus for large bedroom spaces, with options ranging from metal, glass, wood laminate, etc.


The very utterance of this word can calm your senses, and what better excuse than summers to have these incorporated in your bedroom décor. You can choose plant pots or stands in gold, black, or have marble textures to display on your coffee table or hang them at your bedside for better sleep and keeping cool as these nature pots release water into the air via their leaves on hot days cooling themselves and their surrounding environment. For starters spiders, money, snake plants, and palms are good options with the least maintenance required.

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