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Architecture of Lahore

Architecture in Lahore

The Architecture of Lahore reflects its history and is outstanding for its variety and individuality. There are structures left from the Mughal Empire, the Sikh Empire, and also from the British rule, whose style has been a mixture of Victorian and Islamic design also known as Indo-Gothic.

Mughal architectural style was an amalgamation of Indian, Islamic, Timurid, and even European styles. Mughal artists used these borrowed forms, in terms of symbolism and elegance, to suit their own distinct type of design. Therefore from an architectural viewpoint, Lahore is basically a Mughal city and the Emperors added so much personality to it, making it cultured and beautiful.

 Additionally, the changing patterns of economy and increase in population have contributed a good deal in revolutionizing the whole basis of Architecture design. Due to evolving lifestyles and trends, there has been an ever-increasing inclination to adopt Western and American forms of architecture. Hence the more recent buildings are extremely trendy and contemporary in their design. An exciting point concerning Lahore’s Architecture is that unlike the stress on functional design within the west, most of Lahore’s building design has consistently been about creating a statement above anything else.

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