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An Analysis on Versace Home

Discovering Versace Home that is the embodiment of the words “Italian glamour”; brings you a melange of luxury and interior design turning Versace allure into a lifestyle. Ascertaining that Versace Home is immediately recognizable while staying true to its Italian heritage, it never fails to make its work distinguishable. From the Greca border or the iconic head of Medusa. Versace Home brings a grand range of little universes in their interior design work. From a clean and sleek office atmosphere to your summer in Italy mood, the range is remarkable.

The truth of it is, no one does gold like Versace and here’s a picture for proof. Creating the ultimate luxe look without covering every square inch in gold is a feat that can only be done with great attention to detail. Of course, there is the Greca border galore framing the grand staircase with their signature logo. Stairs in the bathroom? Unexpected I know. But it looks so right and complements the overall royal grandeur of the bathroom; because why limit luxury to only the main room of the house? Why not feel like royalty in your bathroom too 🙂 ?

An Analysis on Versace Home
An Analysis on Versace Home

In this room, we can, in essence, see a renaissance painting come to life. Featuring ethereal wall murals, heavy velvet curtains, and carvings wherever you look from the armchairs to the ceiling cornices, a stunning painting is created that emits Italian energy. With a beautiful sky on the ceiling, all the intricate details like the rounded windows and selections of royal fabrics, it is eminent that Italy exists within this room. Through every element of this incredible home, the attention to detail is nothing short of remarkable like going back to the degree of craftsmanship seen centuries ago. This all seems like a practice in perfectionism.

An Analysis on Versace Home

Producing more ancient Italian vibes, fewer details and embellishments have been incorporated. In contrast to the previous examples, this facade has been kept cleaner and simpler. Most evidently, there is a lack of gold in any form and seems earthy with the colour palette in mind. Almost carefree in a manner with allowing nature to take back the building hinting at a more laid back mood. 

A concoction of elements that can only be described as a fluorescent Hawaiian dream, this Versace collection includes stunning hues of neon lights. The palm trees on either end being tied together by the leaves print bedding adds a feel of the outdoors, indoors. When thinking of Versace home, a few words come to mind:  fantastical, extravagant, and so many more. Each time, Versace brings strikingly new and inventive to the table. The minimal furniture really allows the spotlight to highlight the colours of the rooms. Here we can again witness the gold intricacies in some key elements and of course, the brand heritage permeates their work through the Medusa emblem.

This serene environment, almost mystical with the iconic Medusa head taking center stage in the form of a gold bar cabinet. An ultimate level of sophistication seen again through clean lines and simple embellishments, 

Almost sort of an abandoned castle or museum brought back to life by the shades of blue. Here, Versace brought together the unexpected together in this room, a classic palace walkway and a table setting fit for a perfect luncheon and somehow, it works!

Expertly crafted, key designs are complemented with leather, and again the classic clean sleek Versace lines that accompany the corporate lifestyle. Still keeping their Italianness in touch through the wall engravings, Versace is crystal clear detectable.

Versace’s strong aesthetic point of view is symbolized in the office space with the Medusa icon. A symbol of the Versace Imaginative universe, the mythical creature breathes an air of power (primarily woman power, rightfully so) into the work environment. The clean and polished office lines of the wooden desk feature leather embellishments in their accompanying chairs to further enrich the Medusa woman power. The sophisticated lines are crafted from luxurious woods, marble, and leather. Evoking luxury in every piece.  

Bringing such a wide array of moods and atmosphere, I do believe Versace home reigns supreme in the realm of interior design.  Through their spaces and unexpected variations, they’re able to create a melody of renaissance art and beauty and modern edges and cuts and lines through an Italian looking-glass.

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