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8 Ways to Revamp Under the Stairway Space

Under the staircase can be a daunting reminder of Harry Potter’s old room or a door that opens up to a spooky basement. But, saved to say NO! it’s not, rather this article is about how you can transform your space into a marvel. Unlike other rooms, this partially hidden space won’t be inspiring its theme. There will be particularly one of the two factors motivating the look of it; first, WHAT needs additional space and second, which room faces the front side of your space under the stairway. Unlike large homes, smaller spaces are a challenge to work with but with a few tips and tricks even nooks and corners can be glamorized.

   Now, let the creativity reveberate, best ideas to revamp your much lonely under the stairway space.

  1. Your 3 in 1 showcase

Basic requirements stay the same regardless of whether someone dwells in a 3 Marla small house or in a larger than a Kanal’s mansion. A TV, cupboard- a remnant of the cutlery bought during a vacation or passed down from our dear mothers along with some extra space for keeping guest essentials at hand. Designate where you’d like to mount the TV, then build a laminated wooden structure encompassing the space with glass door cabinets on the sides or go frameless with an accent wallpaper decorating the back wall and a cabinet and drawer section built along the bottom length.

2 . A miniature garden

Astroturf works great for indoors, outdoors, floors and walls altogether. Pair it up with an odd number of pendant lights whimsically hanging from the top and put in a combination of real and artificial planters accompanied by traditional Turkish floor lamps in between empty spaces for that extra oomph. The perfect romance between modernism and culture.

3 . Your reading hideout

For avid readers, this place can be heaven on earth. Floor-length bookshelves or a small cupboard at the top, whatever suits your space, paired with comfy seating in a contrasting shade is the unmatched space you have been wanting for so long. To be lost in the depths of black and white.

4 . A home office

Some rooms can barely fit a bed, so it’s better to take your much-needed office under the stairs where you can work in silence. Except for a few shelves on top, fixing a foldable table will serve handy when your not in need of it. An extra lamp and a movable chair is all you need to get you started.

5 . Playroom for kids

COVID has made the parents go bonkers with kids staying indoors all day long. A small but fun-filled space with plush toys, a whiteboard for scribbling is going to be a much-needed treat for those little adventurists. Larger spaces, however, can also be turned into a camping site, by hanging a canopy off the hook in the triangular form, and replicating the night stars by attaching fairy lights, with a few snacks, and a good read your toddlers aren’t going to come out of it anytime soon.

6 . Wall of art or fame!

Medals, awards and certificates are not meant for the storage box in the attic. Multiple shelves each layered with a strip of LED and painted in the lightest of shades so your achievements can shine brightest, fitted with sliding glass doors to keep the dust at bay. Otherwise, this very setting can be used to exhibit your artwork or your collection of them, along with souvenirs you collected whilst travelling. Fitted in with spotlights will certainly get your guests talking.

7 . Pet corner

Is your pet an introvert well don’t worry. A personalized nook indoors with a cozy bed is going to keep the furry creature jumping with joy. Build a play wall using real tree branches for your adventurous felines, with shelve pieces attached at the top spots covered in carpet. And the base of the branch entwined with faux vines for easy climbing, and to keep their claws busied, away from your rugs and upholstery. You can also use it as an aquarium corner with beautiful aquatic lights for a serene nighttime view, with your little fins bubbling away in the water.

8 . Gaming Zone

So much about gaming, why not create an exclusive gaming zone?. This option would work in spaces with elaborate seating. Decorated with ultraviolet LED lights to have the place illuminated that was once fancied dull, a mouse, keyboard, gaming accessories and headphones. Quite right?!

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