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5 ways an interior designer can reinvent your home

Designers are trained professionals in all aspects of your home from finding the perfect couch for your sitting area to glamming up your hallway with the best lighting fixtures. As dwellers, you might discover your dream interior style browsing through the Pinterest options but as Sharon L. Sherman from Thyme and Place Design puts it, “Much like self-diagnosis in the medical field, a wrong answer can be costly.” Hiring experts who know their job well will always be a far better choice than making expensive mistakes, as there are lots of interior aspects homeowners are unaware of.

  A lot of people are also of the impression that hiring a designer is only meant for the rich due to their high standards of luxury and a lot of excess money but it’s not the case and below are 5 reasons why?

  1. Mastering utilization of space

With urban areas battling for space, the need for efficient space utilization has become more prevalent. Designers work deep within every nook and corner of your house, to ensure you have ample room to walk around, relax or indulge in morning yoga, making your house functional and livable. Furniture items although are a necessity but their placement is key and only a skilled designer would know how to systematically place the furniture based on the size and cut of your room and as Amanda M. founder of AMA Designs and Interiors suggests that “moving furniture a few inches away from the walls creates more space visually.” Apart from consultation you can also benefit from these designer tips and tricks to spruce up your home.

2. No misfits

A designer uses your definition of style and luxury to create the perfect ambience suitable for you and your budget. Do your remember all the hard work, money and time you invested into getting your own custom built sofa that didn’t fit in or just ate up the whole space. An experienced designer can  conveniently save you from these time wasting blunders.

3. Upcycle

If working on a budget your designer can help transform those old out-of-fashion pieces into brand new ones without breaking your bank. The most important element to consider when working with repurposed pieces is scaling. Interior design community is well adapting to this trend, as it supports minimalism and efficient use of the resources that would otherwise be discarded opening a whole new world of creativity. For example, if there is a family rug in the dining area you’d like to retain, then upholstering your dining chairs with similar colours can breathe life into your dining space, without purchasing new pieces of furniture.

4. The coherently different scheme

Many homeowners believe that creating a perfectly symmetrical space will result in a flawless interior design scheme. Whereas the experts think it will only portray everything as flat-lacking warmth and individuality. According to Vanessa Arbuthnot owner at VA fabrics “ There are no rights nor wrongs in interior design, everyone has the potential to design their own home.” That being said designers bring an aesthetic appeal to your space, something you can’t accomplish using DIYs. From the flooring design to the wainscoting every element plays to the tune giving each home its individuality.

5. Increased Re-sale value

Reinventing can’t be without adding value to your property. The right finishes and textures transform the dynamics of your entire home. Many times you would come across houses that start deteriorating after 5 years because they were merely constructed to sell not built to last. An interior designer isn’t just a decorator but an engineer too and based on the climatic conditions of the country they can provide a foolproof plan to keep your property safeguarded from wear and tear for many years to come. Regardless of how much you invest into hiring an interior designer it will eventually pay back in the form of extra resale value of your precious home.

  Engaging a professional for your home interior is always a good choice as they are capable of working with whatever is on their plate. From dark-themed walls to mixing and matching the perfect contrast of colours that befit your sense of style as a dweller, giving your home the ‘wow’ factor. And most importantly they have industry contacts who execute the work in the most efficient manner, saving you the hassle of fielding for resources within the set time frame and assigned budget.

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