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5 Feng Shui tips you can instantly implement

Feng Shui is the art of harnessing energy to your advantage. While it’s a very complex endeavor that dates back to the 9th century BC, there are a few simple ways you can implement it and have it work in your favor. The below tips are adapted from Marie Diamond, the world-renowned feng shui expert. 

1.Know your power position in a room. When you are choosing where to place your desk and seat, always try to have a solid back (no windows, doors) and face the door at an angle. This allows you to welcome opportunities into your life.

2.We can’t emphasize this one enough- declutter your space. Where you live is a 3D vision board and if you’re surrounded by menial objects, the focus will evade you. As a general rule of thumb, the setting should dictate the type of decor your use. That means no family photos in your space of business and vice versa. For office decor, try the traditional certificates, and images that evoke success and grandeur.

3.Employ the strategic use of colors to spark life in your surroundings. Gold signifies abundance and exponential growth. Rose is the color of love and using it in your surroundings will spark romance. 

4.Use mirrors to help harness energy. When you place a mirror somewhere, it doubles the energy in a space. This is where you can get creative and double the areas where you want abundance. It’s important to be careful what you choose to double. Mirrors in the bedroom opposite your bed and in your kitchen are not advisable as they double the elements of fire and water. Mirrors in a dining room are wonderful as they double abundance. Small hallways can benefit from mirrors. A business entrance can benefit from mirrors as long as they are not in the front- you 5 Feng Shui tips you can instantly implement don’t want to push your clients back. 

5.Remove sharp edges as they create conflict. Plants with sharp edges like cacti, and sharp leaves are not advisable in the home. Try tables with rounded corners. Most importantly, avoid sharp edges pointing towards you. 

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