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3 Interior design trends of 2021 we can say goodbye to

Last year no doubt has been a difficult year for all, with lifestyle choices being shunned following the curb of the pandemic. Fear halting lives with sanitizers and masks, but thankfully this exercise has emerged as a new mental norm for the year 2021. Moving away from the austere to a more happening and active lifestyle.

Needless to say, interior design trends have also felt this change on the course of recovering from the home-booked lifestyle. And industry experts are predicting the next trends and are calling out the old ones, here’s our pick of the top 3 interior trends that’ll be fading away in 2021.

  1. Matching and Fast Furniture

Ummm… it’s nothing to do with furniture on wheels, the actual concept refers to furniture that is ‘quick to deteriorate’ as these pieces are mostly built to be disposed of soon due to their inferior quality material and are very short-lived. With all family members spending the majority of their time indoors with rooms seeing a daily multifunctional use, the need and priority of people have shifted gears towards investing in more sustainable and durable furniture items with multiple usability features.

Bob Williams President of Design at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams believes that “People are creating deeper relationships with the things they have in their rooms because so many more of life’s moments and memories are happening there.” Not only that, but fast furniture is also burdening the environment with over 9 tonnes being dumped in the landfills in 2018 alone according to EPA statistics. If you aren’t very keen on the above then renting furniture or buying the more durable vintage collection can be a good alternate.

b) Matching furniture – In 2021 we can finally say ‘mae asalaama’ (Good-bye in Arabic) to the well-coordinated furniture regime lacking creativity and zest of a unique home interior, that pulled away all the personality and character of the space and “…will soon be seen as a design flaw.” Quotes principle designer from Kobi Karp.

2. All white kitchen

For the more messy people who don’t like to clean very often, it’s good news. Although white is a very peaceful and visually clean colour, it’s very difficult to maintain and look after at the same time, as its colour stains easily. But all this except for the timeless white marble countertop that is here to stay. Textured stones and coloured tiles are scooting over the once highly glamorized blank canvases.

In case you still want to keep the white cabinets, designers suggest adding wooden hardware, a few coloured pots with real life plants as fauxies are no longer in fashion to break away the white monotone and add more colour sophistication to your kitchen. People are loving the cement tile in Moroccan and Spanish patterns for flooring and backsplash purposes with high gloss UV or acrylic cabinets that have been on trend in Pakistan ranging from bright reds to subtle browns, bring an instant pop to your kitchen. They are more durable, waterproof and long lasting as compared to wood.

3. Minimalism

Say hello to Maximalism! Where more is more, with more patterns, colours and textures because having less isn’t sufficient any longer. Our homes have witnessed so much from stress, loneliness, and prolonged gadget use that we are more than willing to shun minimalism and pave way for intense colours, mixed and matched with an array of patterns that qualify as the perfect design ensemble for our rooms. Honestly, with Amazon hosting the globe with its endless products it’s difficult to keep put being a minimalist.

Aurore Martial, founder of Domus Venus suggests moving away from perfectly lacquered items, to matte finishes, chalked paint and waxed concrete on the wall. It is time for displaying the bold décor pieces and colours of striking contrast to liven up the space. Another major reason to refute minimalism is the need to use every inch of space in the house, forgoing the formal tone for a much-needed warm, cozy and more multi-functional setting.

2021 in interior design will be all about putting yourself out there, what you love and what you don’t. It won’t be about following what’s in but taking the lead for creating a personalized space, mixing and matching your styles to give the room its contemplated aesthetic appeal that can be cherished in the long run.

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